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The no-code academy The no-code academy

#1 no-code resource for sales professionals

The no-code academy

Welcome to our no-code academy. This page is dedicated to the tools and resources used in the no-code approach.

The no-code academy is designed to help you build your complete and ideal sales solution without requiring any technical skills or a developer.

You'll learn how to take leading software solutions and integrate them with noCRM to create a powerful tech stack to help you run your business efficiently.

You will find clear explanations on what is no-code and how it works. You will also have access to full tutorials on how to build your first workflow and tons of prebuilt integrations and use cases.

Even if you don't use noCRM, the concepts, tools, and tutorials introduced in this academy are geared towards all business folks looking to optimize resources, automate workflows and easily build integrations between any apps they use.

Intended audience: Anyone who is interested in understanding no-code and pragmatically implementing its approach. You don't need to know how to code though, hence the name no-code.

Introductory webinar to no-code

In the recorded webinar below, we guide you through taking your first steps in no-code: the definition of no-code, how to build an automated workflow, provide a good understanding of the essential principles of no-code, and how to create a no-code integration between apps following business logic.

What is no-code

No-code gives users without any programming knowledge the ability to build apps and custom integrations between platforms without months of development work and expertise.

More specifically, users can create automated scenarios between noCRM and any number of apps to increase sales team efficiency and streamline business processes with the help of easy-to-use no-code platforms.

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What are no-code apps

In order to build automation between two SaaS applications, for example, Google Forms and noCRM, you need to use a third-party app that will act as the glue between the two.

Here are our go-to no-code apps:

Zapier: a popular app automation platform to build and automate tasks (also known as Zaps) and workflows between the apps you use without coding knowledge.

Make: a powerful integration platform with unique features for automating manual processes with a visual interface.

noCRM built-in tools: noCRM comes with several built-in tools to help you easily integrate and customize your interface with a lead widget and Actions menu. For the more experienced, you can also create event-based notifications and actions with our webhooks and API.

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