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Obtain clear data on your active leads

noCRM's statistics on "Active Leads" focuses on providing real-time insights into your current business. It was crafted to assist you in monitoring leads currently in the "Todo" and "Standby" statuses, offering a convenient overview of your ongoing pipeline.

To access this page, go to the Statistics section of you account > Pipeline Analysis > then click on the "Active Leads" section. Once there, you'll find details on the number of leads in the "Todo" and "Standby" statuses, along with their associated amounts.

To dive deeper in details, you can apply different types of filters (pipeline, user, tag, team), but you won't be able to filter by date as it's not a relevant filter for this set of statistics.

Exclusively for admin: get a preview of key statistics at the top of Statistics section

When an Admin enters the Statistics section of the account, quick insights will be disclosed:

  • the number of currently active leads (Todo + Standby) and their total amount (unweighted).
  • amount of won leads and associated amounts for the current month, comparing them with the previous month.

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