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Set sales goals for your team

Goals are part of the life of a salesperson. Every sales rep needs to reach targets, and their manager needs to be able to track their progress.

The Sales Goals feature is only available with noCRM's Dream Team Edition.

There are two approaches to managing a sales team: either you can give them a revenue target, or an activity target. But what is an activity target? Let’s say that instead of asking your team to close $50k, you ask them to call 10 prospects per day, and meet eight each week. This way you give them concrete actions to achieve.

creating sales goals

An activity could be measured in different ways: making a call, qualifying a prospect, meeting a prospect, sending an email, etc. Choosing an activity-based approach will increase your chances of achieving your sales goals.

⚠️ Mind the context and the target when setting goals. They’re important to guide your sales team. Should they work on prospects, leads only, or both? And in which sales pipeline (if you set multiple pipelines)?

Setting Sales Goals

In order to set sales goals for your users, go to the Admin Panel > Sales Process > Sales Goals.

Once there, you can start creating goals, that can be assigned to the users of your choice.

Important information:

  • You can assign as many goals as you want to a user, but not twice the same goal. We do recommend that you don't assign too many goals to a single user in order to keep them motivated and on track.
  • You can assign goals based on an activity, not only on the outcomes. To do that, you just need to select all the outcomes of an activity.
  • Goals can be divided into up to 2 periods, generally a short-term for activity-related goals and a long-term for business goals.

Tracking Sales Goals for every sales rep

Once the goals are created and assigned, you can track how each user is performing in ... > Statistics > Sales Goals.

The image below illustrates what it could look like:

image of user's sales goals

Implementing an activity-based sales strategy

In this webinar, we'll reveal the secrets to translating financial goals into a clear action plan that your sales team can actually follow to reach their targets. You'll learn:

  • How to design the perfect sales process
  • How to define key actions
  • How to measure the effectiveness
  • And how to set up a plan to reach your target.

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