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From setting up your account to mastering each and any feature of noCRM.

Integration with your information system offers a number of built-in tools to help customize your account for your business needs. Whether it's to create custom processes or to connect your noCRM account with your internal IT system, you may easily build your ideal solution with the help of the built-in tools documented below.

There are several ways to build interactions between noCRM and third party services including your own information system. This connection can be built through:

  • Direct Integrations with API
  • Personalized in-app widgets
  • Customized actions on leads
  • Event-based notifications and actions
  • no-code apps, Zapier and Integromat

These integrations will allow you to push/pull data to/from your information system, your full CRM or ERP directly from/to our application.

This page focuses on the built-in tools found in

Direct integrations with API

We provide an API with a wide range of functions; for example, our mobile app is built on top of this API. The API allows you to create and edit leads and prospecting lists. It also comes with “Webhooks” to trigger calls to any program you want.

Learn more here.

Personalized in-app widgets

Personalized widgets allow you to display data from your information system and other sources directly inside There are two types of widgets available: one for the dashboard and another even more powerful inside the lead's detail page.

Learn more here.

Customized lead actions

On each lead, there is an Actions menu. Actions inside this menu are predefined: assign the lead, edit it, change status and so on. Thanks to this feature you can add your own personalized actions to this menu. For example, if you have to add a won lead to your information system in order to invoice them or for the operational team to start working on it, the Personalized Actions allows you to do that easily.

Learn more here.

Event-based notifications and actions offers a list of trigger events to enable you to execute automated actions. This is key to ensuring an efficient internal process.

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