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Direct integrations with API

This article answers the following questions:

  • How to integrate with other software?
  • How to create an API key?

⚠️ A full REST API is available for all customers using the Expert & Dream Team Editions

The API will enable you to create, update and retrieve leads and users. It will also allow you to get notifications when particular events happen – thanks to our webhooks.

More information can be found in the Admin Panel > Integrations > Built-in Tools

IMPORTANT: Your private keys are like your admin password. These keys should only be used for authentication. This key is only for signing purposes.

How to create an API key

An API Key is needed for any integration you may do, even if using no-code. You should create one API key for each service you connect noCRM to.

To create an API Key, go to the Admin Panel of your noCRM account > Integrations > API > API Keys.

Once there, click on the button "Create an API Key". Enter a name (Zapier or Integromat for example), and a description if you wish, then click on save, and it's done.

Note: The generated key is generated by you from your account to access the API. You can generate one different key for each application. You can delete it at any time and generate a new one if necessary. When a key is deleted, the application using this key won’t be able to connect to your account anymore and won’t access any of your data.

Check out our full REST API here.

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