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Restore deleted items

Mistakes can happen and it might be that you or one of your sales people deleted an item that you need back into your sales process. In you can restore deleted items up to 30 days after deleting them. After 30 days, the deleted items, such as leads, will be completely erased from you account.

If you have the Dream Team edition, you can monitor deletions in the Admin panel > Sensitive actions monitoring and forbid users to delete information from Admin Panel > Account Management > Privacy and security.

The Recycle Bin is placed in Admin Panel > Account Management > Data.

⚠️ After deleting leads created from a prospecting list, you’ll find them in the bin but you’ll also find them as prospects in the corresponding prospecting list, with all the comments you and your colleagues might have logged in. Indeed, that’s a trick, when deleting a lead that used to be a prospect, it becomes a prospect again and doesn’t get removed from your noCRM account. In case you want to avoid duplicates and keep the link between prospect and lead in order to have up-to-date prospecting lists, we advise you to recreate the leads from the prospects instead of restoring the deleted leads from the bin. For more information, please contact us through the in-app chat or at

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