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Activate Two-Factor Authentication

We recommend that you add an extra security layer to your noCRM account.

To do so, activate the two-factor authentication.


Go to your User Settings, scroll down to the Security block, where you'll be able to tick the two-factor authentication box.


⚠️ You need to have a smartphone in order to activate the 2FA.

Once you've ticked the box, you'll be asked to scan the QR code and will be prompted to your 2-Step Verification App. If you don't have such an app, you can download the Google Authenticator one from both the App Store & Google Play Store.

You will then need to enter the code generated by the 2-Step Verification App into noCRM to finish the activation process.

Every time you logout and login again, you'll have to enter the code generated by your 2-Step Verification App after entering your email and password.

How to deactivate the 2FA

You can deactivate the 2FA right where you activated it. If you can't access your account and are having trouble login in with the 2FA, reach out to an admin of your noCRM account and they'll be able to deactivate it for you.

The admin needs to follow these steps:

Admin Panel > Users (and teams) > 'Actions' on a user's profile > Deactivate two-factor authentication

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