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Easily setup your quotes and invoices system within noCRM

This article answers the following questions:

  • How to setup quotes and invoices?
  • How to define numbering in quotes and invoices?
  • How to create automations in my invoicing system?
  • How to edit the layout of quotes and invoices?

This article focuses exclusively on the administrative setup and configuration, ensuring your quotes and invoicing system is finely tuned.

For a deeper dive into using the feature itself, refer to our dedicated article about Creating and Using Quotes and Invoices.

Note that only admins can access this section of noCRM. If you're not an admin, please reach out to one so that they can set up and activate the feature for you.

1. Settings & Numbering

In this section, you'll configure the foundational settings for your quotes and invoices feature. You can choose to activate quotes, invoices, or both, and select between flexible and strict modes. Once everything is configured to your liking, you'll set both or only one feature live.

Strict mode vs. Flexible mode

  • Strict mode: Once a quote or invoice is sent to a customer, it becomes immutable unless it's in draft status. No further updates or modifications are allowed after sending.

  • Flexible mode: In this mode, certain elements of the quote or invoice, such as the address, can be edited even after sending it to the customer. This flexibility allows for adjustments post-sending, ensuring greater adaptability to evolving circumstances.

What is Live Mode?

Live Mode is a crucial aspect of our system, ensuring compliance with legal requirements. When activated, your quotes and invoices become official documents, complete with a non-reversible numbering system.

It's important to note that "Live Mode" should only be enabled once you've completed setup in this section and have created a few quotes or invoices as drafts. Ensure that everything is configured correctly, and you're confident before making this irreversible change.

You need to set the Live Mode for both Invoices & Quotes.

Invoices/Quotes numbering

This section holds paramount importance, as it determines the numbering structure for your invoices and quotes. Once you have issued your first document, this cannot be altered!

Select the appropriate variables to construct your numbering pattern. This pattern applies separately for quotes and invoices.

Here's what you can do:

  • Define the variable for the type (e.g., "INV" for Invoice or "INVOICE").
  • Arrange the order of your numbering pattern. For instance: <type>/<yyyy><mm>-<count> would result in: INV/202405-0001.
  • Add free text between variable if you wish. E.g: ACMECORP-<type>/<yyyy><mm>-<count> would result in: ACMECORP-INV/202405-0001.
  • Specify the starting number for quotes or invoices within noCRM.
  • Set the minimum size of the counter (e.g., 0001 or 0000001, indicating the number of digits in your invoices).
  • Opt to reset numbering annually, when utilizing variables for the year in your quotes or invoices.

2. Quotes & Invoices templates

In this section, you'll customize the appearance and essential details of your quotes and invoices. You can import your company logo, input crucial company information such as your legal address and VAT number, set your default currency, configure the footer, predefine tax values, and specify which columns to display in your quotes and invoices.

3. Automations

Automations are the key to streamlining your sales process by automatically updating amounts and statuses based on the progress of invoices and quotes. Within your account, you have the flexibility to choose which of the following automations to activate:

Updating Lead Amounts: Automatically adjust the lead's amount (excluding tax) when a draft quote is published or a draft invoice is paid.

Changing Lead Status: Trigger changes in the lead's status based on the status of quotes and invoices:

  • When a draft quote is published or a draft invoice is paid, update the lead’s amount accordingly (tax excluded amount)
  • When a quote’s status is accepted, change the lead’s status to won
  • When a quote’s status is rejected, change the lead’s status to lost
  • When an invoice’s status is paid, change the lead’s status to won
  • When an invoice’s status is paid, change the lead’s probability to 100%
  • When an invoice’s status is Unpaid, change the lead’s status to 'Lost'.

You can adjust your automation preferences at any time!

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