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Easily create and use quotes and invoices within noCRM

This article answers the following questions:

  • How to create professional quotes and invoices?
  • How to edit professional quotes and invoices?
  • What are the different status available and what do they mean?
  • Where to locate issued quotes and invoices?

Efficient financial transactions are the backbone of successful sales relationships. Our lead management software simplifies this process by integrating robust features for creating and sending quotes and invoices directly from the platform. This functionality aims to expedite the conversion of opportunities into finalized business agreements, optimizing your sales and invoicing workflow.

Setting up quotes and invoices

Before initiating quotes and invoices within noCRM, it's essential for an account administrator to configure this feature from the admin panel to align with your company's requirements and brand image.

Creating quotes and invoices from a lead

Once the feature is activated in your account (Live Mode), you can begin generating professional quotes and invoices effortlessly. Until then, you'll be able to create drafts, but these won't include numbers and won't be official documents.

Note: quotes and invoices can only be created from lead cards, not from prospects or client folders. An invoice can of course be created from a quote.

Follow these steps to create your first quote or invoice:

  1. Open the lead for which you wish to create a quote or invoice.
  2. Click on the "Quote / Invoice" button at the top of the lead card.
  3. Fill in the required information in the interface that appears.

The system automatically populates customer data based on existing information on the lead card or the associated Client Folder.

Creating an invoice from a quote

After creating quote, seamlessly transition to generating an invoice. This saves time by pre-filling invoice details. Follow these steps:

  • Open the quote.
  • Click on "Actions" and select "Create an invoice."
  • Review the information, and click on View.
  • Finalize the process by issuing the invoice.

Editing quotes and invoices

Prior to issuing a quote or invoice, you have the flexibility to:

  • Add product/service lines. Note: once you've created your first quote or invoice, the system memorizes the products / services and their corresponding prices and taxes so that it's easier for you to fill this information later on. It will be as easy as starting to type it, and click on the suggested text.
  • Include discount lines.
  • Add descriptions.
  • Adjust tax and quantity columns.
  • Download and send the document in PDF format for approval.
  • Modify the document status (only available when 'Live Mode' is active).

Understanding the Statuses

Each quote and invoice can have one of four statuses:

  • Quotes: Draft, Pending acceptance, Accepted, Rejected
  • Invoices: Draft, Pending payment, Paid, Unpaid


When a document is in draft status, you can edit its content. Once the status changes, editing capabilities may be restricted based on configuration settings (Flexible mode vs. Strict mode).


Automations are possible, if activated by an admin of the account from the Admin Panel > Account Management > Quotes and Invoices. More information on what can be done in our dedicated Help Center entry.

Locating Documents

Quotes and invoices are stored within the lead itself. However, you can also access them via the Leads tab > Quotes and the Clients tab > Invoices. Both listing pages offer filtering options by date range, status, or user.

This streamlined process ensures smooth management of quotes and invoices, empowering you to maintain professionalism and efficiency in your sales transactions.

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