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Table of contents

  1. 1Organizing your sales activity
    1. Our philosophy
    2. Prospects vs. Leads
    3. Prospecting Lists, Leads & Client Folders
    4. Status vs. Sales Steps
    5. Defining Key Information on Leads
    6. How to Categorize Leads, and Why It's So Important
    7. Contacts Management: How to Manage Multiple Contacts in the Same Company
    8. Admin, Team Manager & User
    9. Customizing Your Account Interface
    10. How to Develop the Right Sales Process to Close your Deals
  2. 2Organizing Your Daily Activities
    1. How to Build a Sales Process
    2. Every Morning, Know Exactly What Leads You Need to Work On
    3. Follow Up the History of Your Exchanges & Bcc Email Conversations
    4. Set Reminders and Synchronize Your Account with a Sales Calendar
    5. Sort Activities for a Better Understanding of Your Leads
    6. Extended, Compact & Pipeline Mode
    7. Create Several Pipelines to Analyse Different Sales Processes
    8. Make your Most Important Leads Stand Out
    9. Find Leads by Using Filters
    10. How to effectively prospect and qualify leads on LinkedIn
  3. 3How to Win at Cold Prospecting
    1. How to Organize your Cold Prospecting
    2. When and How to Use Propsect Lists
    3. Only Turn a Row into a Lead Once the Contact is Qualified
    4. The Importance of Using Column Names
    5. Magic Columns
  4. 4Working on the Go
    1. Mobile Sales App
    2. Using the Speech Recognition
    3. Scan your Business Cards
  5. 5Adding Leads from External Sources
    1. By E-mail
    2. From your Partners
    3. From a Contact Form
  6. 6Follow up your Business Activity - Understanding How it Works and Collaborating
    1. How to Successfully Manage a Sales Team
    2. How to Implement an Activity-Based Selling
    3. Analyzing Sales Activity by Category or by Salesperson
    4. Sales Performance Analysis: Get Total Insights
    5. Find the Leads That Have Been Pending for too Long
    6. ROI of Specific Actions, or of a Specific Month Activity
    7. Using the Activity Feed to Manage your Team
    8. Follow Activity Every Morning Thanks to the Daily Sales Activity Report via Email
    9. Exporting your Data for Reporting or Marketing Purposes
    10. Activity Based Selling: The Best Technique To Reach Your Business Goals
  7. 7Manage your Existing Customers
    1. Following up on your Won Clients
    2. How to Manage Upsells and Renewals vs Post-sales Process
  8. 8Connect to Other Apps
    1. How to Connect: Zapier, API & Direct Integration
    2. Send Notifications or Fire Actions Based on Events
    3. How to connect noCRM to your own Information System
  9. 9Rolling out noCRM in your company
    1. Framework for a successful rollout
    2. Guide to a successful onboarding of your team
  10. 10Additional Sales Resources
    1. The Sales Expert Directory
    2. All there is to know about SPIN Selling

Properly onboard your team

For a successful rollout and a happy efficient sales team, in this article, we go over the important points that will allow you to optimize the implementation of noCRM to your teams and to maximize adoption and use.

Setting up a new digital solution within your company involves paying particular attention to change management.

The goal here is to give you a best practice guide as well as communication elements (email or document template) that will allow you to make this change WITH your team as smoothly as possible.

In addition to setting up your account by following our guidelines here, it is important to communicate well with your team.

Here are the essential communication elements that we have identified and will cover in this article:

  • Notify and explain the process
  • Summary of Important Account Information
  • The resources available to support your team in getting started
  • AND, 2 email templates to help you in this process:

  • Announcement: Here is : our new lead management solution
  • How to use noCRM - Process and resources

  • Notify the team and explain the process

    Launching a new solution can be scary, so communication is essential to avoid unpleasant surprises and misunderstandings.

    You can announce and explain the choice of the solution in an email to your team.

    It will also be important to warn them that they will receive a link in their email to activate their account.

    To help you in this process, we have prepared an email template to help you communicate with your team on

    • Why noCRM: what we want to achieve
    • Why we chose noCRM

    Important information regarding the user account and how to use it

    Here is the essential information each team member needs to be aware of to maximize their usage and the benefit of the solution

    We have also created a template for you to communicate the key elements concerning the daily use of noCRM for your salespeople, typically: Lead creation, sales funnel stages, activities, and tags, etc

    Important links and resources to provide to your sales reps

    Make sure that all team members are aware of the below resources that we make available for them :

    Two email templates that you can adapt and send directly to your team.

    MAIL 1 - Announcement: Here is : our new lead management solution

    We are pleased to announce the implementation of for our sales team. It will allow us to optimize our sales productivity by fulfilling 3 main objectives:

    Pick what makes sense for your company

    • Provide you with sales productivity tools: reminder, pipeline management, collaboration features, powerful emailing
    • Help you keep track of your leads more easily
    • Set up a solution that is really used by the team
    • Align all team members on a common and clear sales process
    • Centralize prospecting information and follow-up of opportunities in a common database
    • Increase the collaboration of team members via a digital sales tool
    • Improve our closing rate
    • Clearly structure our sales process in a tool
    • Manage prospects and leads in a separate way
    • Obtain reports on our actions to be able to improve them
    • .... is a lead management software that was chosen for its ease of implementation and use and because it provides the major advantages below :

    Pick what makes sense for your company

    • It is sales and action-oriented
    • It minimizes data entry
    • It offers a Mobile application
    • Allows us to easily represent our sales process in the tool
    • Provides live chat support and many online resources to optimize the way we use the solution
    • It offers the possibility to integrate with our existing tools

    You should have received a link to join the platform “on account URL.” or You will receive.

    In the next few days, you will receive a 2nd email with explanations on how to use the platform and how to set up your account to get the most out of it.

    MAIL 2 - How to use noCRM - Process and resources

    Following- up on the previous announcement, this email will give you the keys to getting started with noCRM and optimizing your sales productivity.

    We have taken care to set up noCRM according to our processes and we will schedule a meeting to present the key points of its uses:

    Pick what makes sense for your company

    • Our sales funnel and the steps
    • Categories and tags to use
    • Logging activities
    • How to use Amounts and forecasts
    • Access rights for each team member

    The next step if you haven't already done it :

    Pick what makes sense for your company

    • Finalize your access: URL and bookmark the link in the browser
    • Synchronize your email and calendar
    • Manage your notifications and settings

    To start here is a short video that explains in general how noCRM works and what it will be used for on a daily basis

    Resources available

    Next read: The Sales Expert Directory