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Define your sales pipeline(s)

You can customize, create, and order your own sales steps very easily by going to Admin panel > Sales Process > Pipeline Steps.

The app comes with four predefined steps but you can delete them, edit them, and create any others as you wish.

You can re-order your steps by moving them with the arrow on their left. When you create a new lead, it will be set as the first step by default.

Note that when you delete a step, all the leads related to that step go will go back to the previous step.

/!\ When you create your pipeline, you can add default probabilities for each step if you have the Sales Essentials or Dream Team edition.

Multiple Pipelines

If you use the Sales Essentials or Dream Team editions of the software, you can create multiple sales funnels.

Doing so will help you better plan your sales pipeline

Pipeline-centric customization

In the Dream Team edition, you can link pipelines to specific users & teams. More info below.

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