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Import Leads to your Pipeline

If you're starting to implement your sales process into noCRM, and wish to import qualified business opportunities into your customised pipeline, use the Lead Import feature available from the Tools section of your account.

⚠️ This feature is activated by default for Admins only. If you wish to enable other users to import leads, allow it from your Admin Panel > Account Settings.

⚠️ It's not possible to update existing leads through an import.

lead import

How to proceed to importing your leads:

Prepare your file to ensure your data is properly imported. If you don't have a file yet, a template is available inside your account, that matches your account configuration.

  • Your CSV file can contain up to 3000 rows.
  • Date format must be YYYY-MM-DD
  • Accepted statuses are: To do, Standby, Won, Lost, and Cancelled
  • Ensure phone numbers are formatted as strings, and not numbers. The best is to have international numbers such as +12345678899


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