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Import your prospects from an Excel or CSV file

With noCRM you can keep working on your spreadsheets directly in your account with powerful additional features.

To know how to import your spreadsheets in your noCRM account watch our video tutorial:

When importing an Excel or CSV file, you will be able to decide if you want to import the column titles by ticking the "Import the first row" checkbox, or using your selection from the dropdown menus on the left as column titles.

The dropdown menu helps you adapt the columns to your predefined fields e.g.: Name, Last Name, E-mail, etc… but also Amount, Probability, Step, a category that you have predefined, and “Estimated closing date”.

This way, you make sure that whatever process you chose to build your prospecting list, it will be correctly set up and not interfere with the rest of your prospecting organization.

You will also be able to exclude some columns, change their names, and once you are done, you can click on "Continue".

After that, you will be able to edit the name of the columns, add new columns, etc... at anytime.

⚠️ To be able to press Continue and finalize the import, you must choose the column that will contain the name of the lead.

Privacy settings for Prospecting Lists

When importing a Prospecting List, you can choose its privacy settings.

  1. In Sales Essentials edition, you'll have 2 options:

    1. Either the list is shared with everybody
    2. Either the list is private to the user (and the account Admins)
  2. In the Dream Team edition, you'll have the option to:

    1. Share it with everybody
    2. Making it available to you only

⚠️ If you belong to a team and "everything is shared" inside teams, the Prospecting List will be available to you and the members of your team.

To edit the privacy settings in a Prospecting List AFTER importing it, follow the instructions in the video below:

⚠️ For a successful import, please verify that your spreadsheet:

  • Contains a maximum of 26 columns
  • Contains a maximum of 5.000 rows
  • Does not have any special characters or formulas applied
  • Only contains 1 sheet
  • The 1st column is the name of the company or person you're prospecting
  • The column containing phone numbers is in text (not number) format

It's not possible to import contacts into prospecting after it's been created. You'll need to copy/paste the information into the existing prospecting list

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