Geolocate Your Prospects: Embed Google Maps in

As a sales person, you often need to meet with your existing & potential customers in person. You have a lead management software with all their information, including the address, but you want it to be displayed in Google Maps – after all, we’re in 2017. Wouldn’t it be great if you could immediately visualize your leads’ location without having to type in their address on Google Maps manually? Automating such tasks in your sales process can make your sales team win precious minutes.

Well, great news! Inside You Don’t Need a CRM! it’s now possible to embed external information in your lead pages, such as social media data services, your own information system, but also Google Maps!

In this blog post we’re going to show you how to geocalize your leads and integrate a map coming from Google. It might sound a little bit techy but it is in fact quite straightforward.

1/ Create an API key to be able to use Google Maps

First of all you need to request an API key from Google. To do so, you need to have a Google account and log in at:

Second of all, on the left menu, go to “credentials” and create a new project that you could call “Geoloc”.

Google Maps in

Third of all, select “create an API key”, copy the key somewhere on your computer, you will need it later.

Google Maps in

Once you’ve done all the steps mentioned above, you must activate 3 different APIs:
• Google Maps Geocoding API
• Google Maps JavaScript API
• Google Maps Embed API

It is very easy to do it: on the left menu click on API, and find the 3 APIs in the Google Maps block, then for each API click on “ENABLE”.


There is one more step before you’re done on the Google side: you need to enable the billing on your Google Cloud account. To do so, go to the page: You will be asked to fill in your billing information. This does not mean that you will be charged because Google Maps API offers $200 per month of credit which should be enough to use the Google Maps integration with noCRM. It doesn’t exclude that after a certain amount of usage, you may be charged though. Here is the pricing page for Google Maps: Please find more information here:

Perfect! You’re now done on the Google side.

Now, go to your You Don’t Need a CRM account.

2/ Embedding the Google Maps with the lead widget.

First of all, be sure to have defined at least one address field for your leads. This can be done in the Admin > Default fields section.
Let’s suppose you have named the field: address.

Second of all, go to the connection section of the Admin and click on the “Lead Widget”.

Google Maps in

– Set the lead widget height to 400 pixels
– Choose the HTML mode
Download and Copy / paste the following code and ensure you have copy/pasted your personal API key and used the correct address variable name (here lead_f_address). Variable names are listed on the lead widget page so it is easy to check. You can also change the default Zoom factor depending on the level of zoom you want.

Google Maps in

All done! If you go to a lead which has an address correctly defined, a map will be displayed.

Google Maps in

We hope you like this feature and get plenty of ideas of other data that could be embedded. Don’t forget to share it with us– we’d love to hear about it!

To get more details on other possible integrations with your own information system or third parties apps please check our help here.

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