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Create leads manually

To initiate the process of adding a new lead manually, simply click on the New lead button located at the top of your home page or in the header bar on any other page.

Once your sales process is correctly configured, you can populate a lead with diverse information. To help you work on your leads more efficiently, ensure that contact information is placed at the beginning of the lead.

When creating a lead, the fields presented are those that have been predefined in the Admin section of your account.

Additionally, you have the flexibility to choose between two modes: Text Mode and Structured Mode.

  • Text Mode: Fields are presented in a traditional text format.
  • Structured Mode: Lead fields are organized in a structured manner

Lead Form

Once you choose a mode, noCRM memorizes your preference for future lead creation.

Furthermore, during lead creation, you can immediately specify details such as the amount, probability, client folder, and star rating (useful for marking high-priority leads). Advanced features like attaching documents and setting an estimated closing date are also available.

Also, you can select predefined tags to structure your leads and obtain better statistics.

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