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When and how to use prospect lists

Prospect lists are Excel-like sheets available inside noCRM. They are mainly used to work on a large number of unqualified leads, aka prospects, and are a key element in building a successful prospecting process. You can work on these contacts exactly as you would on an Excel document or any other spreadsheet; however, once a prospect is qualified, you turn it into a lead in the system with a single click.

What are the other purposes of a prospect list on noCRM?

A prospect list can also be used to start a brand new list of prospects inside the service so that you don’t have to use two different services.

In addition to this, a prospect list can be used to import existing qualified leads you may already have. Despite this, it isn't possible to turn all the rows of a prospect list into leads en masse, as we want to make sure you only create qualified leads.

At noCRM we believe that (most of the time) a salesperson shouldn't manage more than 100-150 qualified leads at the same time. This is because it's very difficult to maintain a personal relationship with someone above that level. That's why a prospect list is so helpful; it enables you to pick and choose which prospects you wish to turn into leads, without losing sight of the rest.

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