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Sales Script Generator by noCRM

The Sales Script Generator, a powerful tool by noCRM, is not only available to our esteemed customers but also accessible to anyone seeking to enhance their qualification process. If you know someone who could benefit from this tool, regardless of whether they use noCRM or not, feel free to share the information! Discover more about how to streamline your qualification process.

Using the Sales Script Generator with

To create and activate your Sales Scripts within your noCRM account, follow these simple steps:

  1. Navigate to the Admin Panel > Sales process > Sales scripts.

  2. Inside the Sales Script section, initiate the process by clicking on the green button labeled "Create New Sales Script." This action will redirect you to our Sales Script Generator page, where you can craft your Sales Script(s) using pre-existing templates or starting from scratch.

  3. Utilize the tutorial provided to seamlessly edit existing blocks, delete, rearrange, add new elements, and more.

  4. Save your script, and you'll be prompted to add it to your noCRM account. Once added, activate the Sales Script from your noCRM account. It will become available to all users, allowing them to launch the script directly from the Action button associated with leads and prospects.

  5. If you are a Dream Team edition user, link Sales Scripts to a specific pipeline through the Sales Pipeline section in the Admin Panel.

For a comprehensive visual guide, watch the video below. It provides detailed instructions on creating and utilizing the sales script in noCRM.

Using the Sales Script Generator with any other service

In order to create your Sales Scripts by noCRM, go to the website and follow the steps explained in the video below:

You can also learn more about how to build your winning sales script here.

How to duplicate a Sales Script

To duplicate a sales script, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to your Admin Panel > Sales Scripts, and click on View at the right of the script you wish to duplicate.
  2. Once the script is open, in the URL, add new?&template= before the template's ID and remove /fill at the end of the URL.
  3. Press Enter and now you can edit the duplicated script if you want and Save it.
  4. You receive an email with 2 links inside. If you want to add the sales script in your noCRM account, click on the second link to edit the script, copy the script's URL and paste it into your noCRM account clicking on Add an existing Sales Script.
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