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Exporting your data for reporting or marketing purposes

Whether it is for marketing purposes or for reporting issues, exporting data becomes very useful in order to implement the right measures to manage your sales team or even to target specific leads. Exporting data is very easy in our service: from leads' data to statistics' data. If you want to export all your leads you can do it through the Admin menu and you can export the data in Excel or in JSON formats. The JSON format is the preferred format for computers, whereas Excel is of course the preferred format for humans.

For marketing purposes, you might want to export only a subset of leads, for example, those with a certain tag, or a certain step. You might for example want to export all the canceled leads with the tag “Water fountain” to send them an email with your mailing software. To do this just go to “All leads” and, in the right column, apply filters on tags and statuses. Then you just have to use the export button at the top of the page to get the export.

To have a nice export with the First name, Last name, e-mail in columns, you must have your leads correctly filled with the same labels as the predefined fields.

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