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Our philosophy

noCRM is lead management software that aims to help small and medium businesses organize their sales activity in a more efficient way. We are not a CRM, as we are 100% focused on leads. Not customer management.

Salespeople are busy enough without wasting time on filling out useless data into a system. For this reason, we built a user-friendly service with a small number of powerful features. The aim is to help sales reps manage their pipeline in the most effective way possible.

A sales rep needs to create leads in an intuitive and automated way. We know what a hassle it can be to spend hours entering data that you might never use – and that's before you can even get started with your actual To-Dos. We’ve been there ourselves, so that’s why we developed this software.

At noCRM we want salespeople to create new leads in seconds, but also immediately understand what tasks they have to do next while ensuring they never miss out on a single lead. Once created, the software enables you to evolve your leads inside a sales funnel that is designed by you and for you.

One of the biggest strengths of noCRM is that there's always a next step with a lead.

This is why there are plenty of different ways to create leads: via the interface, direct from email, your website contact form, by scanning business cards, from a spreadsheet, your browser via the lead clipper

Check the help for a more detailed presentation of how to create leads.

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