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Turn a qualified prospect into a lead

Prospecting lists can contain up to 5,000 contacts. Unfortunately, these contacts are usually not fully qualified, and you don’t yet know if your product or solution can match their needs. If a person is not interested in your services or doesn’t have any budget, then it’s not a lead – and the prospect wasn't a good one. Conversely, if you reach a prospect that shows a clear interest in what you’re selling, then it’s a qualified contact. You can now turn this into a lead that you will move through your sales steps.

As mentioned earlier, inside noCRM you can transform prospects into leads with a single click in your prospecting list. But you should only click on the [+] button to transform a row into a lead when it makes sense, ie. when it really is a lead. Otherwise, simply cancel the row (right click and toggle cancel status), or leave a comment to highlight you should try again sometime.

Moreover, a sales rep should not manage more than one or two hundred leads at a time. Go above this limit and it will become very difficult, not to say impossible, to have a personalized relationship with the prospect and to correctly perform the actions implemented.

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