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Attach documents

Do you need to attach a contract, a quote, an offer, or an invoice to a prospect, lead or client folder? Use the attachments sections of the different elements.

How to attach documents?

The only way of attaching documents is manual, meaning this cannot be done automatically.

Click on the "add" button at the right of the attachments field, and either drag & drop it, or select it from your computer/dropbox.

What kind of documents can be attached?

Attachments can be of different formats:

  • PDF
  • Word
  • Excel
  • CSV
  • Image

Each attachment can't exceed the size of 20 MB.

For more information on storage, please check this Help Center entry

Can all attachments be exported at once?

Attachments can't be downloaded/exported all at once. To export attachments, you'll need to do it one by one.

Remember that noCRM should not be used as a storage program. You can use Dropbox, Drive, or any other system of your preference.

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