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Define your account privacy and permissions

When setting up your sales process to efficiently manage your sales team, you need to define your team members' roles and implement the right privacy settings to protect your data and work.

noCRM comes with a lot of privacy settings especially if you’re using the Dream Team edition, which includes a lot of specific options. Privacy settings can be set in the Admin panel > Account Management > Privacy and security > Roles and privacy settings.

When you change your privacy settings what is shared or not shared between users updates immediately. So you can start with a setting and change it later if you want higher privacy when growing your company.

Privacy settings are set for the entire account. You can't hide a lead from others, unless it's published in a specific team where nobody else but you is in.

Avoid turning your users into Admins if you want to keep your account safe, as admins have all the rights over the account! If you need all your users to be able to view everything, choose "everything is shared" instead of "Only Admins can see everything".

Sales Essentials edition

In the Sales Essentials edition you can choose between two privacy modes:

  • Everything is shared
  • Only admin can see others' items

Accessing and editing items.

When everything is shared, every user can access all the leads, spreadsheets, and tweet-like messages of all users.

Warning: being able to access a lead does not grant you the right to edit it while being able to access a prospecting list allows you to edit it. This difference comes from the fact that several salespeople often need to work on the same prospecting list. Leads can be edited by their owner or by admins.

Prospecting lists specific settings.

Even if you did not grant users the right to access other users' items, you can, when you create a prospecting list, decide to share it with all users.

Assigning and reassigning leads

You can also decide in the same Admin section if users or only Admins can assign unassigned leads as well as reassign leads that have already been assigned.

Dream Team edition

Team level sharing

The Dream Team edition allows you a finer level of access control thanks to the Dream Team feature. The privacy settings of the Sales Essentials edition still exist, but if you have created teams you can also set rules at a team level.

To set rules at a team level you must first set the global privacy setting to “only admins can see others' items”. Then you can decide if inside teams you want to allow users or team managers to access other users' items like leads and spreadsheets.

Note: When a user publishes a lead, if the user belongs to a team then the lead will also belong to that team. If the user belongs to two teams he will have to choose which team he publishes it in.

Prospecting lists specific settings.

As for the Sales Essentials edition, when creating a prospecting list, it is possible to share it at a company level. The dream team feature also allows a user to share the prospecting list at a team level even if the privacy settings are strict.

Assigning unassigned leads

The Dream Team edition allows an admin to assign unassigned leads to a team. In fact, it leaves leads unassigned but it displays them to the team manager or the team members (depending on your settings) so they can then assign them inside the team.

Follow-ups privacy and their effect on leads' privacy

Follow-ups work exactly the same way as leads and their privacy rule is based on the same preference.

That being said in a strict privacy mode, if Sarah wins a lead and creates a follow-up that she assigns to Bob, both Sarah and Bob will have access to the lead and to the follow-up.

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