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Keyboard Shortcuts

noCRM is all about helping you manage your leads in the most efficient way possible, and using keyboard shortcuts is definitely a way of managing your leads faster, and more efficiently.

⚠️ If you do not want to have Keyboard Shortcuts, you have to deactivate it for all users, from the Account Settings.

What keyboard shortcuts are available?

1. Create a new lead: Press the n key of your keyboard, and start creating a new lead.

2. Assign a lead to another user: Press the a key and assign a lead to another user.

3. Close a window: Press the esc key to close any window that's superposing your screen.

4. Edit a lead: Press the e key to start editing a lead.

5. Set a reminder: Press the r key to set a reminder for a next action.

6. Set an amount & probability: Press the $ key to set an amount and probability to a lead.

7. Star a lead: Press the * key to star a lead. Starring a lead means that lead is an important one, and particularly needs your attention.

8. Change the status of a lead: Press the s key to change the status of a lead.

9. Comment on a lead: Press the c key to open the comment box and comment on a lead.

10. Save and publish a comment on a lead: Press ctrl+enter to save and publish a comment you made on a lead.

11. Browse from one lead to another: Use the arrows of your keyboard to easily browse from one lead to another.

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