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View your leads with the extended mode

noCRM provides three distinct views for efficient lead management, and one of them is the Extended Mode. This mode offers a more comprehensive perspective of your leads, featuring larger cards compared to the standard pipeline view, while allowing you to easily sort and filter them according to your preferences. In addition, the extended view enables you to perform various lead actions without the need to open new windows or tabs. Below, we'll guide you through using this powerful feature.

Information displayed:

Advantages of the Extended View

The extended view helps you manage your leads more easily and faster reducing the number of clicks:

Efficient Todo Management

The extended view is an excellent choice for efficiently managing your todo leads and post-sales tasks, ensuring that important activities are never overlooked.

To get started, navigate to the To do section in your noCRM account, activate the Extended mode, and begin managing your leads one by one. As you complete actions or put leads on standby, watch them disappear from the list one by one. Achieving an empty page is both satisfying and productive!

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