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Search lead info on Google & LinkedIn

You have a company name and a contact, but wish to know more about your lead, like who the contact is and what the company does? Great news! Figuring it out is now only a couple of clicks away.

How to search for a contact's information on Google?

Easy. Open your lead, click on the 'Actions' menu and click on the button "Search on Google".

You can now easily start feeding your sales process with the right leads' information.

How to look for a prospect or lead on LinkedIn?

Who has never puffed when having to open LinkedIn, then go back to their CRM to check the prospect’s name, and go back again to LinkedIn to type the prospect’s name… just to have some further information or to be able to contact them?

With our LinkedIn Button, you will be able to open a LinkedIn search bar or profile with just a click! All you will have to do is to open a lead on your noCRM account and click on the LinkedIn logo. It’s a piece of cake!


How to use Linkedin for sales with the Lead Clipper?

It can be done quite easily thanks to the Lead Clipper. With this noCRM tool installed, all you will have to do is:

  • Go to your prospect’s LinkedIn profile,
  • Click on the Lead Clipper button.

A new lead will be created on noCRM with all the information from its profile, and you will automatically be able to access the latter again through the LinkedIn button.

Note: this feature is activated in every account. If you wish to deactivate it, go to your Admin Panel > Account Settings and untick the preference.

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