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Becoming a better saleperson

Table of contents

  1. 1Organizing your sales activity
    1. Our philosophy
    2. Prospects vs. Leads
    3. Prospecting Lists, Leads & Client Folders
    4. Status vs. Sales Steps
    5. Defining Key Information on Leads
    6. How to Categorize Leads, and Why It's So Important
    7. Contacts Management: How to Manage Multiple Contacts in the Same Company
    8. Admin, Team Manager & User
    9. Customizing Your Account Interface
    10. How to Develop the Right Sales Process to Close your Deals
  2. 2Organizing Your Daily Activities
    1. How to Build a Sales Process
    2. Every Morning, Know Exactly What Leads You Need to Work On
    3. Follow Up the History of Your Exchanges & Bcc Email Conversations
    4. Set Reminders and Synchronize Your Account with a Sales Calendar
    5. Sort Activities for a Better Understanding of Your Leads
    6. Extended, Compact & Pipeline Mode
    7. Create Several Pipelines to Analyse Different Sales Processes
    8. Make your Most Important Leads Stand Out
    9. Find Leads by Using Filters
    10. How to effectively prospect and qualify leads on LinkedIn
  3. 3How to Win at Cold Prospecting
    1. How to Organize your Cold Prospecting
    2. When and How to Use Propsect Lists
    3. Only Turn a Row into a Lead Once the Contact is Qualified
    4. The Importance of Using Column Names
    5. Magic Columns
  4. 4Working on the Go
    1. Mobile Sales App
    2. Using the Speech Recognition
    3. Scan your Business Cards
  5. 5Adding Leads from External Sources
    1. By E-mail
    2. From your Partners
    3. From a Contact Form
  6. 6Follow up your Business Activity - Understanding How it Works and Collaborating
    1. How to Successfully Manage a Sales Team
    2. How to Implement an Activity-Based Selling
    3. Analyzing Sales Activity by Category or by Salesperson
    4. Sales Performance Analysis: Get Total Insights
    5. Find the Leads That Have Been Pending for too Long
    6. ROI of Specific Actions, or of a Specific Month Activity
    7. Using the Activity Feed to Manage your Team
    8. Follow Activity Every Morning Thanks to the Daily Sales Activity Report via Email
    9. Exporting your Data for Reporting or Marketing Purposes
  7. 7Manage your Existing Customers
    1. Following up on your Won Clients
    2. How to Manage Upsells and Renewals vs Post-sales Process
  8. 8Connect to Other Apps
    1. How to Connect: Zapier, API & Direct Integration
    2. Send Notifications or Fire Actions Based on Events
    3. How to connect noCRM to your own Information System
  9. 9Rolling out noCRM in your company
    1. Framework for a successful rollout
    2. Guide to a successful onboarding of your team
  10. 10Additional Sales Resources
    1. The Sales Expert Directory

Sort Activities for a Better Understanding of Your Leads

The next action is a series of important steps that make up a successful sales process. With the introduction of Activities, there is now even more visibility when it comes to knowing what sales activity needs to be completed next in order to move leads through the pipeline.

Leads in are already set to 'ToDo' when you enter them into the system and provide a way for reps to have a definitive next action. You can also set them to 'Standby', which sets them as an action for a later date. The Activities feature adds to this by letting salespeople set a specific action for each lead.

If, for example, a lead is entered and needs a specific follow-up call, you can assign the Call activity. The person dealing with the lead will see an immediate visual indicator as to what needs to be done and when. Once the call is finished, they log the result (answered, voicemail, etc.), which gives sales managers visibility over the process.

The Activities feature also syncs with your calendars, providing that extra bit of clarity to better plan your day and week. This means that you can see which activity you need to action on simply by looking at your calendar. The icon displays on the date, time and which action need to be taken.

Activities help simplify the process for sales reps, providing them with a clear and easy way to act on leads. They are also customisable, so you can set activities that are specific to your sales process. This can be done in the admin panel.

It’s possible to measure the success of each of your activities through the statistics tab. You can also group statistics together for a more detail outcome of each activity. Managers benefit by having the ability to track metrics and KPIs.

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